Family Law

Regarding advice on legal matters that concern the family, HERRERA Y MORENO ABOGADOS offers its clients a service based on a relationship of absolute trust, maximum clarity and information.

Our commitment especially in this area of ​​Law, is to provide the ideal framework in which to find a consensual agreement that satisfies both parties and always putting the well-being of possible minors involved in the family breakdown.


Professional experts in Family Law. We serve from experience, in a personalized, close and effective way. Ask us.

As the first way to resolve conflicts, we will try to reach a satisfactory out-of-court agreement, although, once this route is exhausted, we will defend your rights in court with all the guarantees.

The issues that are settled in this field of Civil Law are of such a dimension in terms of their emotional and economic significance, that our recommendation is that you always go to a specialized professional who knows how to resolve your situation in an agile and satisfactory manner.

In our office we have been providing advice and legal representation since 1996 on matters as important to your life as they can be:

  • Separation
  • Mutual Divorce Agreement / Contentious / Notary
  • Regulatory Agreements
  • Modification of Measures
  • Non-compliance with Measures
  • Guard and custody / Shared Custody
  • Parental Rights
  • Visiting regime
  • Civil Marriage Nullity
  • Use and Enjoyment of Family Housing
  • Domestic Partnerships
  • Dissolution and Settlement of Gains
  • Etc


Firm committed and highly involved

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